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The importance of a correctly fitting saddle

I created Saddles That Fit with the sole aim of helping horses and riders to live happy, healthy lives. I fit using a high level of ethics and will always do what is right for the horse. Horses can not speak and therefore I have a duty to be their voice. I work with a range of breeds and types from ponies to performance horses, from showing to showjumping.  

Correctly fitted saddles for horses and ponies

By having the correct saddle it
allows a horse and rider to:

Feel unrestricted, unimpeded and uninhibited

Move with more ease, less effort
and become more supple.

Become more balanced in their body, utilising it to the best of its abilities.

Create a better partnership, working together in cadence and harmony.

Reduce anxiety, stress and tension,
whilst maximising results.

Reduce the need for corrective chiropractic/osteopathy and physiotherapy

Reduce stress on joints and muscles

Be more effective and perform better

Develop the required muscles in
the correct places

Train harder and recover faster

What to expect from a consultation

What to expect from a consultation?

Saddles fitted for freedom movement for horses and ponies

1. Introduction 

2. Bridle check

3. Conformation assessment (photos taken)

4. Body condition score / weight

5. Back Assessment 

6. Trot up (videos taken) if flat surface is available

7. Chalking up and templating of horse ( photos taken)

8. Static Fit of current Saddle/s

9. Assessment of current saddle/s (recommendations made)

10. Alterations to current Saddle if appropriate

via: flocking, shims, pads, gullet/ tree width adjustments

11. Ridden assessment of Saddle (if appropriate)

12. Conclusion 

13. Booking of follow up appointment 

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