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Terms & Conditions
Saddles That Fit

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  • Horses can be unpredictable and dangerous animals. The decision to wear protective clothing (hat, gloves, air jacket, body protector etc) during the saddle fitting consultation remain with the client who accepts full liability in the event of accident or injury. We expect all riders hold adequate rider’s insurance and third-party liability cover for their animals.

  • Payment for all consultations must be made in full on our website prior to the consultation at the current consultation fee. 3 days’ notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment within Surrey or Sussex and 7 days outside of these areas to provide sufficient notice. Failure to do so will result in you losing your consultation.


  • If your horse appears lame or unwell at the time of your consultation, we will decline to continue and will refer to the correct equine professional for further investigation 

  • We will apply personal judgement and if necessary, due to unforeseen circumstances that prevent us from carrying out the remainder of the consultation for any reason, including but not limited to; extreme weather conditions, health and safety or animal welfare.

  • We do not accept any responsibility or liability for issues that may arise as a result of the owner failing to correctly and accurately following our advice. The animal’s welfare remains the whole responsibility of the owner. All veterinary, farriery, physiotherapy or other services are the owners responsibility.

  • Saddle adjustments, alterations, flocking and repairs will incurred extra charges

  •  All alterations including flocking of a saddle provided by Saddles That Fit should be undertaken by a Saddles That Fit authorised fitter (or agent). We accept no responsibility for any works undertaken by a third party, including any subsequent issues relating to fit or repair.

  • Pads and shims may be necessary especially in the case of a remedial fit. This will be discussed at the time of fitting. You should not add or remove any pads or shims without first consulting your saddle fitter as this can alter the fit of your saddle.

  •  We request that your horse’s clinical history is disclosed to us, as some conditions (such as lameness, EMS, Kissing Spines etc ) can affect saddle fit. On occasions we may ask for your vet, physio or other equine professional contact details to discuss your horse’s condition prior to a consultation, or during a remedial period. 

  • New saddles need time to ‘bed in’ during which time the flocking will settle. A follow up appointment should be scheduled 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation, for which a charge is payable 

  • Saddle fit will need to be closely monitored and maintained. The responsibility of this remains with the client. It is the clients responsibility to maintain their saddle and book regular saddle fitting consultations as and when necessary. This includes but is not limited to: when a horses changes workload, environment, diet, experiences lameness or suffers any illness. Many factors affect the fit of a saddle. So regular monitoring of the horses weight, soundness and condition is essential for long-term fit.

  • Saddle tree width alterations are carried out entirely at the owners risk and responsibility.  Altering the width of a tree may invalidate the manufacturers guarantee and the cost of the repair could be considerable. We thoroughly recommend that alterations are made by the manufacturer which we are happy to arrange. The only exception to this is saddles with a mould injected tree, specifically marketed as adjustable. 

  • Please be aware that we may not have a saddle to fit your horse on the day and that you may need to have something made specifically for you and your horse.

  • If you purchase a saddle from us you have the right to change your mind within 14 days. The saddle must be returned in the same condition as to which it was sold. Any saddle returned will be assessed for any damage and a rental hire charge may apply if the saddle is returned within 28 days.  Any bespoke made saddles, bespoke colours choices or bespoke alterations to saddles designed  is specifically for the customer is non-refundable.

  • Travel expenses are £1 per mile after the first 10 miles. Please note consultations within 10 miles of Dorking are free of charge. If I'm on a combined route a bespoke travel charge will apply. Please request details. Clients are responsible for any other additional expenses/charges such as ULEZ, tolls, crossings etc. 

  • Any outstanding amounts for the purchase of saddles, saddle adjustment, flocking, travel, extra time etc should be settled before I leave the premises by either bank transfer (cleared funds), card payment or cash. In exceptional circumstances and by prior agreement outstanding amount must be settled within 24 hours using the payment methods above. 


  • Refunds will not be given unless in exceptional circumstances, such as loss of a horse, serious horse or rider injury in which case a doctor's or veterinary's certificate must be provided.

  • Horses and people are all individual and from time to time it may be necessary to discuss your case with other equestrian professionals, such as other saddle fitters, vets, chiropractors, physio therapists, farriers, massage therapists, dentists, osteopaths, riding instructors, yard owners/managers, groom/persons responsible for the day to day care of your horse, etc. 

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